Let them climb indoors ... on their own furniture, that's right at home with yours.
  • 6-Step Classic Pine Customizable Cat Ladder

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    Cat Ladder - 6 Step Pine, Customizable | Perfect for Renters - No Drilling or Permanent Install Needed | Beautiful Handcrafted Cat Furniture

    This 6-Step White Pine Ladder lets your cat climb to new heights and see new sights all around your home! Choose step size, wood finish and carpet color. You’ll love how this handcrafted cat furniture is a natural fit with your décor.

    Like cat trees, cat towers, and cat wall climbing steps, a Cat Ladder enriches your cat’s environment. Where Cat Ladder stands out is its design, craftsmanship, choice of sizes and finishes, and options for securing it against a wall, or furniture, or a window.

    • If you rent and can’t drill holes in your walls, or you don’t want to commit to installing a cat climber in just one place in your home, our design makes all the difference.

    • Another plus: you can easily move your Cat Ladder to give your cat access to different places in your home.

    • Compared to other cat furniture, it’s so much easier to assemble; all you need is a Phillip’s-head screwdriver.

    • Durable carpet pads give your cats something to grip as they climb. The carpet pile is just right to satisfy your cats’ natural scratching instincts – and if they scratch the pads on their Cat Ladder, they may be less inclined to scratch your furniture and rugs.

    • Unlike other cat furniture (especially wall-mounted cat climbing products), the carpet pads on Cat Ladder are so easy to remove, vacuum, and put back on the steps – even the pads at the top. 

    Material & Finish:

    • Side rails are made from white pine.

    • Steps are made from maple or birch furniture-grade plywood.

    • Finished ladders are stained or painted based upon your selection, and completed with a protective top coat.

    • Unfinished ladders come ready for your personal touch or just love them as they are! Ladders are prepped with a wood conditioner to prevent smudges and should be lightly sanded with 220 grit paper before applying a final finish.


    Included with the ladder:

    • Carpet pads for all steps

    • One Grippy Stick

    • One Mounting Block


    Approximate Product Dimensions & Weight:

    • Height (Distance from floor to underside of top step):  60"

    • Depth (Distance ladder projects from wall or mounting surface):  37"

    • Overall assembled length:  73-7/8"

    • Ladder with Standard Steps –

            - Step surface area (where your cat will step, sit, nap): 9" x 9" approx.

            - Ladder width (distance from outside to outside of side rails): 10 3/8"

            - Assembled weight with carpeting:  16.2 lbs.

    • Ladder with Wide Steps –

            - Step surface area (where your cat will step, sit, nap): 11" x 11" approx.

            - Ladder width (distance from outside to outside of side rails): 12½"

            - Assembled weight with carpeting:  22 lbs.

    *See dimension diagrams for more detail. To compare sizes of all ladders, take a look at our Sizing Charts.


    Please Read Before Ordering:

    • U.S. shipping only – Unfortunately, we can’t ship to customers outside the U.S. at this time. Orders placed from Canada and other countries will be refunded and cancelled.

    • Approximately 2-3 Weeks Lead Time – Our Classic Pine Customizable Cat Ladders are made to order. Current lead time to hand craft and prepare your ladder for shipping is approximately two to three weeks.

    • Return Policy & Return Shipping – If you want to return a ladder for any reason, you have 90 days to do so, and we will refund your money. However, the shipping cost to return a ladder is the responsibility of the customer. We recommend keeping the original packaging until you’re sure you will not be returning the ladder. Please note that shipping charges can be significant, particularly for the longest ladders.

    Package Dimensions & Weight for Shipping:

    • 6-Step Ladder w/ Standard Steps – Package dimensions:  77" x 11" x 4".  Package weight: 21 lbs.
    • 6-Step Ladder w/ Wide Steps – Package dimensions:  89" x 13" x 4".  Package weight: 27 lbs.