Let them climb indoors ... on their own furniture, that's right at home with yours.

Why you & your cat will love our ladders

If your cat stays indoors most or all of the time, you know how important it is to provide ways for her to exercise and new things to pique her curiosity and keep her instincts sharp. Because just like us, cats get bored. And if they get bored, they can be grumpy, scratchy, naughty, droopy, sleepy, etc.

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Some of the benefits:

·         Entertainment indoors – Helps you create an entertaining, stimulating indoor environment for your cat. Position the ladder so he can look out a different window every day, or look down on the room from a different corner (you know how cats like to look down on us!).

·         Staying active indoors – Gives your cat or kitten a way to exercise indoors.

·         Freshen the view – Provides a perch for looking out windows or napping high up and out of the way, with multiple vantage points along the way. Cat Ladder feline furniture is taller than most cat trees or cat towers.

·         Multiple cats – It’s great for families with more than one cat. With up to eight steps, there’s plenty of room for feline friends to hang out.

·         Easy to rearrange – Move the ladder from place to place within your house. Use it against a wall, in front of a window, or extending out from a door or window frame. Create a way up to the top of a bookcase, or onto a closet shelf where it’s okay for kitty to curl up and nap. Just look around your home and we bet you’ll come up with lots of ideas for how to use it.

·         Secure – The ladders have sturdy rubber feet that allow them to both grip against hard floors and dig into dense carpet.  When properly placed they are quite stable and can easily withstand an aggressive ascent by your cat.  Each ladder comes with a matching mounting block that can be attached to the wall as an added measure of security in situations where there is no surface to land the top step on. See our Assembly Instructions  and FAQ page for more information.

·         Portable – Move it out of the way when you want to, unlike a cat shelf or cat climbing wall. Expecting guests and want your “real” living room back? Just stash your ladder away, then bring it back out again.

Design features:

·         The simple, tasteful design of Cat Ladder feline furniture will complement the other furniture in your home, unlike other cat accessories that looks fun for cats but not so great for your décor.

·         Sturdy construction of solid wood with your choice of lovely, warm finishes. 

·         You get to choose the height that’s right for your pet and your home.

·         Assembly is simple and fast. All of the pieces arrive in one box, carefully packaged to protect the finish. Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions are included.

·         Carpet pads wrap around each step so your cat can easily climb up. They’re available in a range of colors and are bound at the edges so they won’t unravel and have a neat, finished look. The pads fasten securely under each step with hook-and-loop fasteners. Simply remove them for cleaning or replacement.

*Currently, all of our models are designed for indoor use only, but we are developing a line of indoor/outdoor ladders, too.