Let them climb indoors ... on their own furniture, that's right at home with yours.

How our cats got to climb …

Cats aren’t just curious; they’re naturally ambitious. They’ve got things they want to do. Places they want to go. Things they want to see. But no matter how much we love our cats, most of us can’t give them free range of the house or encourage them to climb the walls!
The cats in our family are no different. Luna and Tuscy love each other and keep good company while the rest of us are off at work and school all day. They spend their days and nights inside the house, so we wanted to keep them active and engaged and help them meet their lofty goals … literally.
We have a loft in our home. Tuscy can easily climb the ladder to it, but Luna can't make it up. We could see how excited Tuscy was to have the high vantage point, looking down on us all. And we knew if we could give both cats access to the loft, they’d have a whole new world to explore together. With some help from the kids we slapped together a crude but functional ladder to help Luna up. She loved it!
It didn’t take long to discover how fun it was to move the ladder to different places in the house. The cats’ tails twitched with anticipation when they saw we were moving their perch somewhere new. In fact, we had to be careful because they’d try to jump on and climb up while we were carrying the ladder through the house. Luna and Tuscy especially loved having the ladder placed near windows they'd always wanted to look out, but we found lots of other interesting places, as well – leading to the top of a high bookcase, to a staircase landing, and even into the skylight. (We’re still finding new places to put it!)
Several months passed and life with the cats’ ladder was good. Then one day, our enterprising friend visited and saw how our cats were using their ladder. He immediately recognized its potential as a real product that other cat lovers would appreciate. At first, we thought we’d need to make our “Cat Ladder” very simply and inexpensively, like most cat accessories on the market – with staples and pressboard, that kind of thing. But we knew it needed to be safe and sturdy, and we wanted it to be built to last and retain its value.
As the project progressed, we realized something important: people shouldn’t have to compromise their homes in exchange for improving their cat’s environment. There’s no reason to cut corners in the craftsmanship, and there’s no reason to sacrifice style in the design. The ladders should look good and be right at home with the rest of your furnishings. Some people have told us our Cat Ladder doesn't need to be built so well. Maybe so, but we wanted to set our feline furniture apart from other cat accessories and make Cat Ladder something you’d be proud to own and have in your home. Thanks for your interest and we hope you come back as our story continues.