Let them climb indoors ... on their own furniture, that's right at home with yours.

Below are our standard responses to answer customers’ most common questions. If you don’t see your specific question addressed, please e-mail a request for further information to sales@catladder.com with the subject line “More Info.” Thanks so much for your interest in our product!

Return Policy & Return Shipping

Q: What if I want to return a ladder?

A: If you want to return a ladder for any reason (for example, your cat doesn't seem to like it, it doesn't fit where you intended, or something about it doesn't meet your expectations), you have 90 days to do so and we will issue a refund. However, the shipping cost to return a ladder is the responsibility of the customer. We recommend keeping the original packaging until you’re sure you will be not be returning the ladder. Please note that shipping charges can be significant, particularly for the longest ladders. Email us and we will give you instructions on how to proceed. 

The Mounting Block

Q: What is the mounting block and where can I see what it looks like in use?

A: The mounting block is a block of wood that comes with each ladder and has a matching finish. It acts as a ledge for the front of the top step to rest on. It is provided as a method of securing the ladder to prevent it from sliding down the wall if the foot of the ladder accidentally gets “kicked out” from the bottom. It can be seen in our Assembly Instructions pdf.


Q: How big is the mounting block?

A: The block for the Standard size step is 9" long x 1-1/2" x 1-1/2." The Large size steps use an 11" long block.


Q: Is the mounting block always needed?

A: No, but it is recommended in instances where there is concern of the ladder sliding and when there is no other method of securing it available. In many cases, customers find the block is not needed at all. As long as the rubber feet are in good contact with a stable, grippy surface, they are generally quite secure. But if you live in a home with small children or pets that may bump into the base of the Cat Ladder and kick the feet out, we strongly encourage you to consider using the block (or any comparable method) even the ladder feels secure without it. Think “safety first.”


Q: Is the ladder permanently attached to the block?

A: No. The block is provided with Velcro buttons on it. The carpeting of the top step will grip the Velcro and keep the ladder from slipping, and will also make it easy to detach the ladder from the block if you want to move it.


Q: Do I have to permanently screw the block to the wall?

A: It is the most secure way to use the block. But, there are many excellent removable adhesive strips available that can be used to affix the block to a wall or cabinet without using screws. Of course we cannot guarantee results, but we’ve had some success in testing these.


Q: Are there alternatives, other than the block, to securing the ladder?

A: Absolutely. Many people position the ladder so the top step rests on top of a cabinet or other stable ledge. This is probably the safest way to place it.

Another way to prevent the base of the ladder from kicking out is to place it so the foot of the ladder is near or against a wall or cabinet. That way, if the ladder should slide, it will stop as soon as the foot hits the wall.

One final note, just having the carpeting of the top step in contact with an adhesive-backed Velcro strip works great in most situations to keep the ladder from slipping. Think of the block as a handy ledge for situations where nothing else is available to rest the step on.


Ladder Sizing (refer to our Selection Guide to compare dimensions)

Q: How do I decide whether I need a Standard or Large step size?

A: Any cat can climb our Standard sized ladder but not all large cats will be as comfortable hanging out or sleeping on it. The Standard size step is 9" x 9" and the Wide size step is 11" x 11." In general, the Standard size is comfortable for cats up to 12 lbs. If your cat is larger than that, you may want to consider the Wide size step. The extra 2" might not sound like much, but it makes a big difference to your kitty (the Wide size step provides 50% more surface area ... 81 vs. 121 square inches.)


Q: How do I decide how many steps I need?

A: We recommend printing out the sizing chart and taking a measuring tape around the house. Consider the maximum height you’d like your cat to reach and whether or not the step will rest on a shelf, a cabinet, or just lean against the wall (the mounting block may be recommended; see Mounting Block info above). If you’d like to rest the top step on a shelf or other ledge, it does not have to be the exact dimension to the underside of the step. The ladder may lean forward or back a little depending on whether the ledge is lower or higher than the step dimension.

Please make sure to consider the “distance from wall” dimension when deciding what size ladder is right for you, especially with the larger ladders that may project into the traffic area of a room.


International Shipping

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We do not ship internationally. If you place an order from Canada or another country, your order should automatically be blocked by our online store. If your order does slip through the ordering process, we will need to cancel it and refund your money. You may want to look into third-party shippers, such as ‪‪Shipito.com, that provide services to customers outside the U.S. However, please be aware you will be contracting with them and our responsibility for delivering your ladder ends with it arriving at the third-party facility. Additionally, you would be responsible for the cost of return shipping. Use package weights and dimensions from our product descriptions for third-party shipping estimates.


Outdoor Use

Q: Can the ladders be used outdoors?

A: No. They’re intended as indoor furniture and should be cared for accordingly. We are working on a line of exterior ladders but there is much development to do to ensure they will hold up outside.